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you wanna be affiliated with my coms?
vivid_dreamz, cupcakemusings and logan_peyton? You don't have to be affiliated with all if you don't wanna :)
sure thing love! adding you now!
Haha, awesome! :D
Gonna put up a affiliated list on cupcakemusings soon. You wanna add the othet com too?
added the three comes hehe :')
lol :P
i meant three comms* oops!
haha, have added you know on the affiliate list on the comms now :P
woop! thanks! ♥
Hey there! AWESOME idea of a community here!!!!!! ♥
Olivia's got my I seriously can't put down into words the power this woman has over me, not to mention her amazing soul and gah. I'd better cut it here cause I could go on for hours.. *______*
Anyway! I'd LOVE my Mischa Barton Icon Community mischaicons (she the other one I live for...-Malex *sigh*-) to affiliate with yours hun =)
I hope it's okay with you...meanwhile congrats on the great job done here, hope to hear from you soon... *off to join :D*
Cheers from Italy!
aw i'm really glad you think so honey it means so much to me!
she definitely is amazing i love her! haha aw i love everything you said about her!
definitely affiliating with your community honey, added you! tysm i hope we get more members soon! ♥
awww! That was soo sweet of you! I kinda...thought I had scared you, lol xD
I'm pimping this comm on mine as well, hoping it will help you getting more people to join! Olivia deserves the BEST!

Would you like to affiliate with ohwilde_stills?
ofcourse dear, added! <3
Can you add [Bad username: greglovesjimmy&quot;]?

I meant greglovesjimmy
added! :) <3
Thank you! :)
Care to affiliate with: sam_quorra?
of course! added ♥♥
Thanks, I've already added you. :D
Affiliate with cowboys_aliens? :)
aw of course! added hun ♥
Thank you! Will add you back. :D